Insuring your luxury vehicle

We will provide customised insurance for your luxury vehicle, irrespective of its taxable horsepower.
Are you at least 35 years young and the proud owner of an exclusive vehicle?
BDM has created a new car policy that will provide excellent cover for your precious vehicle: PRESTICAR.
Cars up to 24 months old and worth 75,000 EUR or more fit perfectly in PRESTICAR, whether they are placed under the STANDING or EXCLUSIVE Domain at BDM. The marque and type of vehicle determine the domain.
Of course we understand that these cars are not just used for private purposes but also for professional ones, and our civil liability insurance shall take this factor into account.
The BIV (Belasting op inverkeerstelling – Registration Tax) is also covered by the policy. We include this tax, over and above the book value and the selected optional extras for the vehicle, in the insurance policy.
Exemptions and depreciation for the bodywork guarantee are dependent on the STANDING or EXCLUSIVE Domain.
And if you also wish to take out legal aid, breakdown assistance or passenger liability insurance, we have the solutions you require.
If you have any further specific queries on PRESTICAR, please don’t hesitate to call your professional broker. He or she will give you the best possible advice and will be happy to help you.