a recruitment policy that focuses on diversity

BDM’s recruitment policy focuses on diversity and developing talent. Staff in the company are actively encouraged to further develop their talents. Job-rotation, multi-level deployability and further training all play a major role in this.

a positive work culture

It is important to us that an atmosphere of openness and trust exists in the workplace. We promote direct and open communication between management and staff.

ethics and compliance

Respect for fundamental social values such as engagement, respect and loyalty plays a major role in all our actions. These ethical values are translated into a number of ethical principles that our staff shall adhere to strictly: compliance with the statutory and regulatory provisions, professionalism and the obligation of discretion, reliability and respect for our intermediaries and clients, loyalty to our principals and mutual respect for people and their opinions.

entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

BDM supports Ondernemers voor Ondernemers (www.ondernemersvoorondernemers.be).

This is a network of entrepreneurs that assists enterprising individuals in developing nations to make their dreams come true.

Together with a number of other companies we sponsor a financial project run by the NGO TRIAS that aims to give impoverished women and their families in the Philippines access to modified financial services (modified credit, life insurance and pensions), amongst other things.

corporate responsibility

BDM cares about our planet and in 2015 it started the shift to digitally processing insurance documents and digital insurance management, striving to, where possible, operate as a paperless office.

However, using paper in our core activities is still important from a legal perspective, but we only use FSC-certified paper. The international independent Forest Stewardship Council certification ensures that the raw materials for wood and paper products are derived from ethically managed forests.